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Discover how Fundable brands  consistently Raise  4, 5, 6-figures, and how you can do it too...


September 25 - 29, 2023


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Here's everything you LEARN DURING THE CHALLENGE

The Mindset of an Intelligent Investor

($999 Value)
On Day 1 you learn about the law of attraction that draws money to your brand. You will learn how this law and your results can be magnified and controlled by your mindset.  

We help you develop a mindset that is founded on abundance. We'll equip you with our framework to help you connect and align your personal, product, and proprietorship brands for value creation.

What the Top 1% of Successful Money Raiser Do That Others Don't

($999 Value)
Day 2 we bring light to the secret that sets apart all great money raisers from others. This secret will give you direction on finding investors, creating spaces for investors. It will give you clarity on building value based brands for presenting passionately, pitching purposefully, and profitable positioning.

I have interviewed, convened, and supported over Ten-Thousand managers, executives, and entrepreneurs who have went on to raise over One-Hundred-Million dollars, helped fund managers raise over Twenty-Million dollars, and helped nonprofits raise over Fifteen-Million dollars.

The Emotional Managment of Money Raiser

($1999 VALUE)
On Day 3, we teach you a key lesson that is universal, applicable in every area of life, but extremely so in raising and allocating capital. Emotional intelligence increases your success rates and your success speed. Only people who can be persistent, passionate, and purposeful are those who have mastered the art of radical rationality.

We lay out a Nobel prize winning model for human decision making. We break down the model into two distinct systems. We teach you how the greatest CEOs', who are the greatest capital allocators, trigger one of the systems to guide decision making success and achieve extraordinary returns. 

 If you stick it out you will be in the top 1% of business minds in the world. Why?... Because capital allocation is investment, and as a result all CEOs are both capital allocators and investors. In fact, this role just might be the most important responsibility any CEO has, and yet despite its importance, there are no courses on capital allocation at the top business schools.

The Strategies of a Strategic Money Raiser

($999 VALUE)
I spent twelve years building companies, creating programs, pitching ideas and concepts to raise capital for for-profits and non-profits. I spent twelve years doing product launches, incorporating marketing, incorporating branding, incorporating PR, and incorporating salesmanship into every money raising activity and launch I could imagine. 

 In 2012 my system worked, I raised my first million for a popsicle company. The wins continued to increase, each new concept was funded, many companies I helped were funded, and our model became tried and true.  

Day 4 is when I give you more secrets that changed everything for me, so you can start raising and winning now.

The Alignment & Attraction Techniques of Money-Magnet Brands

($999 Value)
Most people successfully raise money because they have a fundable brand, irresistible branding story, and provide value

 What if you had a roadmap to help you raise limitless funding? What if you had the ability to tell whether an idea was fundable and what you needed to do to make a horrible idea a fundable idea? 

 What if you had the knowledge and know how to walk in any room and present passionately? What if you were able to accelerate wealth and impact by tapping into the power of Other Peoples Money?


($1999 VALUE)
VIP Special Access - Get every burning question answered in an exclusive Q&A each day
  • BONUS #1: Fundable Brands Guide
  • BONUS #2: Side hustle Academy: 6 recording from expert marketing and branding leaders full of insightful advice.
  • BONUS #3: Access to the Fundable Brands Challenge Facebook Group


6:00PM - 7:00PM EST


  • ***VIP Special Access*** - Get every burning question answered in an EXCLUSIVE Q&A each day
  • BONUS #1: Fundable Brands Guide
  • ​BONUS #2: Side hustle Academy: 6 recording from expert marketing and branding leaders full of insightful advice.
  • BONUS #3: Access to the Fundable Brands Challenge Facebook Group
  • ​Everything from General Admission


7:00PM - 8:00PM EST


  • 5 Days of Top Level Training to Set Up 5 figure monthly income
  • BONUS #1: Access to the Private "Build Fundable Brands" Facebook Group


"The whole process of identifying the avatars, that to me was just an eye opener, because I think that really helped the team, see and narrow in on who are our real customers? And what do they really want."
- Tess Gainey


"I think we know it, but we don't know what until somebody teaches us that we know it. Using simple plain English. However, that is the most powerful tool, you can use plain English that resonates. It gives you more money, more people, more followers, a bigger brand, more value. And what I appreciate, I'll just say it, that we've been taught by Brother how to go make money."
- Kimberly Corbin

"client focused"

"The buzzword in everything. You’ve given us the language and not just the language but the method to get to being able to deliver client focused services."
- Ronald Frazier


Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

DERICK Pearson 

Co Founder of Center For Black Innovation
I help brands become magnets for funding. Having built 5 successful brands that have raised millions of dollars.

As the co-founder of the Center for Black Innovation my work has been featured in Comcast, NBC Today Show, Afro Tech, Black Enterprise, TechCrunch, Inc, and Forbes. I was honored at the White House as one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs under 30 in 2011.

My work has helped founders who went on to raise over One-Hundred-Million dollars. I  helped fund managers raise over Fifteen-Million dollars. Also helped nonprofits raise over Fifteen-Million dollars. And built a brand that was acquired for Seven-Figures.

I am now helping entrepreneurs and nonprofits build smart and irresistible brands that become a magnetic force for the funding they need to scale their business, wealth and impact.

I move entrepreneurs and nonprofits away from cute branding for looks to value branding for money and results. My concept of “value-based branding" speaks the language of wealth and impact, creating money alignment for attraction.
In As Little As 5 Days


 Learn everything you need to know about building fundable brands from customer avatars, business model generation, brand alignment, funder psychology and so much more

 Find a support community who are in the trenches right next to you and can help you navigate the funder landscape

 Get on top of your mindset once and for all and build habits that will make success inevitable

 Stop worrying about if you’re ever going to raise big money and replace that fear with a track record of success

 Hand over the hard work to your magnetic brands so all you need to do is show up and show out with your passionately presented brand story and watch the cash roll in

 Build fundable brands that will change the entire course of history for your family

 Reclaim your time, energy, passion and purpose

 Allow you to set up a life in full alignment with your vision

​ … and Much, Much More!


"It brought us as a family close together, aligned on purpose. But now we are in line to make impact that is measurable. And it’s clear how. Now it all comes into a clear focus that we can speak to larger companies to fund it. And we can really get an idea of the clients who are ready, because everybody's not ready. And we can intelligently say, these are the steps for you to get ready through these pieces, you can still come into the Urban League. This also gives me a long life because I see that this is what our businesses need to be connected to, to really be a part of the viable community that we all have to build together.
" - Farard Tate
"Nobody is satisfied with, you know, doing it the old way anymore. Right? And it is starting to permeate the rest of the organization. Just because there's now a connectedness between teams. So now, when we go to promote, we're like, what's the avatar? And what is the Avatar language? What do they want from us, not, do what we want to give you. And so it's now become a way of making the brand, as valuable as it can be for the people that we serve, and the people who fund us. I think we still have some ways to go. And I think it's more about the capacity to focus. Because I'd been through some of this before, being in training on being client centered, and picking up your profile and understanding what your profile needs. What's generally missing from the training itself, and now is doing the work of copywriting getting to the actual copy right. You know, they train you to figure out who your customers are, and do the demographics, do the needs assessment, do the characterization and approach. What they don't do is help you translate that to the product that you're offering, how you're offering it in the copywriting, so that it resonates with the people so that they'll come on, they seat, resonate with funders, or resonate with the team." -  Kimberly Corbin
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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Autem dolore, alias, numquam enim ab voluptate id quam harum ducimus!" - Henrietta Violette
"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Autem dolore, alias, numquam enim ab voluptate id quam harum ducimus!" - Henrietta Violette

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